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Our Programs

Boxed Food

Food Pantry

Adequate food is essential to the wellbeing of our community. In The Gap is an active non-profit organization that operates as a food pantry with a child feeding program. Our food pantry distributes food to residents of Oconee County. Our child feeding program which consists of juice bags and snacks is distributed to food insecure children in Oconee, Anderson, Pickens and Greenville counties. Our primary goal is to ensure that individuals whose incomes fall between the 151-186th percentile of the federal poverty guidelines have access to food and remain stable and healthy. 

Healthy Alternatives Pantry

We offer diet specific foods that help to improve the quality of life in those individuals who struggle with arthritis, diabetes, autoimmune conditions and food allergies and intolerances regardless of income level.

Healthy Food
Happy Circle

Child Feeding

With the generous help of our donors, we deliver thousands of snacks and juice bags to title 1 schools in The Upstate of SC.

In School Snack Program

Bridging the Gap in school snacks and juice boxes  to children who are food insecure.

Pastoral Care

Our team understands the unique challenges that come with ministry. Our program is focused on refueling pastoral staff.

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