Know Your Why

September is here, it is finally here! As we reach the end of the summer months we begin to gear up for cooler months, warmer clothes and fireside chats. We also begin to reflect on the months past and set plans to wrap up goals for the year. In the last few months I have seen others discuss “knowing your why” and it has given me pause for thought. Each of us set goals, we make plans and lists and we dream of the things that we will accomplish each year. We see the vision and we begin to take steps toward achieving our goals. Many of us will have success, sometimes astounding success. Others of us will find that our efforts have limited success. So what is the difference? I must agree with others in the belief that the difference between limited success and exceptional success is knowing the why. Knowing the reason that we are doing what we are doing and who we are doing it for is key. Knowing the “why “gives our dreams significant impact. When we can articulate our “why” to others, our words have meaning to them. When others can hear and receive our “ why” then they will want to invest in it. As many of you know my book Empower Your Body, Empower Your Mind recently came out. In my excitement I rushed to tell others about this book and was sure that the simple fact that I released a book would cause it to sell itself. I thought this not because I find myself to be fabulous but because I knew how hard I had worked on it, the price that was paid for it (physically, mentally and spiritually) and because I knew how good it was. As I began to share the book with others I noticed that I was somewhat robotic in my efforts and they were not as receptive to this legendary piece of work (I joke) as I had imagined. I was doing all of the right things. I was marketing, I was advertising and I was telling everyone who would listen. I was working my “how”. But here is the rub, within a few days I realized that I was not sharing my “why” with others. I was trying to sell a book instead of sharing an experience with them. In order to walk out a successful “ how”, we must first understand our “why”.

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