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How to Empower Your Body & Mind?

Joann Johnson Overcoming life's challenges book 

Joann Johnson Overcoming life's challenges book description: The challenges of life can knock us to our knees. These challenges may cause us to feel overwhelmed and limit our ability to see a way out. There is a war that rages against us and a battle for our minds. Let’s take a walk together and explore what it means to be an overcomer and to arm ourselves with the tools needed to win the fight!

A walk from pain toward wellness in 50 days with the use of powerful foods, prayers, and scriptures. This devotional cookbook assists in the healing and empowerment of mind, body and spirit.

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Publishers Review
Overcoming Life's Challenges

“it is a guide to overcoming whatever you are struggling with. I see it as a tool to look abstractly at yourself from a 30,000-foot view and cascade your way through trauma, addiction, or anything that has held you in a stagnant place in your life.
The final stage is handing it all over to The Great Overcomer. JoAnn's writing allows you to take a victory lap within which you would be hard-pressed not to reflect that spirit outwardly.
Thank you my friend for sharing this important resource with the body of Christ.”

- Crystal and Dr. Jerome A. Butler

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