Another desert, really?

Ya know, it is bad enough when you find yourself in a spiritual desert but what is a person to do when it happens again? I am referring to a desert upon dessert, not a desert then a period of utter joy and happiness then a desert. I am referring to a long desert followed by a month of exhaustion and thankfulness that you made it out alive followed by a plunge into another abyss. Seriously you have not even had the time to refill your canteen or grab a snack and there you go, spiraling in to this dry forgotten wasteland. Are you kidding me??!! You look to God with a fist in the sky (yes people do get angry) and yell “ Why me again???!!!” You scream and yell, kick the dirt and moan that it just isn’t fair. Then it hits you, it is not another desert, it is the same desert. Wait…what?? You left that desert you think, you left it!! You made it out and have a story to tell the world. All must hear your tale of heroism you think. Then the Lord speaks and what He says puts you on your knees. I let you come out for a brief moment only to catch your breath, you are not ready He says. More kicking of the dirt, more tears and then the visual of Punxsutawney Phil comes to your mind and you realize that you have just seen your shadow. Six more weeks of dessert it is then. Did I not learn the things that I was supposed to learn, did I not pass the test? You wonder if you have failed the Lord. You wonder if you misread the entire journey and are meant for a life of misery and despair. Well, if you are meant to live a miserable unsatisfying life at least you will be alone you think, so there is the upside. One more request to the Lord before you get your blanket, hang your head and begin the walk toward solitude. Lord, why? Because the mission that I have chosen for you requires much preparation. The call that I have placed on your life is huge!! The story that I have allowed you to share in this brief moment does not compare to what is to come. I will tell you again, you are not ready. Blanket in hand, knees knocking together, head held high and with a smile on your face you begin the next part of the journey.

“So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.”- Romans 10:17 Praise His holy name!

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