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Begin with a grateful heart

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Think for a moment about your life. Think about the things that you have and the things that you want. Are you happy? Are you filled with joy or do you want something more? Is there a yearning to be everything that you once dreamed that you could be?

Can I encourage you today to begin with a grateful heart? Take an inventory of everything that you have in your life, large and small. Agree with yourself that though you desire more, you are in fact content and blessed with your current station. You see, it is only when we can express thankfulness for our current blessings that we can begin to realize more.

When you experience a feeling of overwhelming gratitude for the gifts that life has given you, you are ready to begin. From there, breathe in and imagine a life filled with abundance. See yourself healthy and well and richly blessed in things that are important to you. See yourself laughing with those that you love, traveling and serving others. Look in to the eyes of those who you are now able to bless and see the smile on their faces. Close your eyes and not only see but feel this new existence and let it overtake you. Feel the stress just melt away and leave your body. Allow yourself to smile as you sense every cell in your body being renewed and restored. Accept the new breath in to your lungs. Let it fill you with possibility. Exhale negativity and breathe in again

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