Heading toward greatness

When we go through crisis in life we are catapulted to a different level of living. This level can be called a fundamental state of leadership. Robert Quinn talks about this in his book Moments of greatness: entering the fundamental state of leadership. In this book Mr. Quinn suggests that aside from crisis it is possible to change levels at any time if we ask ourselves three questions which are; 1. Am I results centered? Can I leave my comfort zone to make things happen? 2. Am I other focused? Am I putting the collected need above my own? 3. Am I externally open? Am I receptive to external stimuli that suggests a need to change?

Now anyone who has undergone extreme stress or change can attest that they are not the same person that they were prior to experiencing the stressor. Extreme stress, devastation and trauma changes everything about you. You can almost feel it happening as you sit in the dark and search your soul. In that moment you are like a butterfly who will soon be leaving its cocoon. When you exit the abyss you soon discover that your reaction to situations is all together different than it once was. You begin to see that you have been empowered. You begin to note that you have a sense of purpose and that you feel small in the large scheme of it all. You want less of you and more of God and others. You have a confidence that erases fear of things on this earth. You now find joy in inspiring others and because of this you will see positive impact in your own life! If you want to live a great life you have to be willing to change. You can do this without undergoing extreme stress but you must be willing to be totally honest with yourself. You must be willing to put yourself last and to lift others up. You must be willing to stop sweating the small stuff and believe me when I say that much of what upsets us is small stuff. Screaming at the guy who took your parking space, yelling because your coffee spilled, crying because you did not get a raise, kicking the cat because you were not recognized on the job, becoming angry because someone is running late. Annoying yes, but is all small stuff. Moving to another level involves authentic self evaluation and a wiliness to admit that you are not only imperfect but a flawed human. That being said you are one of a kind and you are fabulous. Do not try to be anyone else, it will not work. Live a life of integrity and one without jealousy. If you really want to be great and I mean, really great, be exactly who God indented for you to be. Stop making excuses, become accountable, stop looking at what others have, stay in your lane and be grateful.

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