Who could you have been?

Who could you have been?

Time feels as if it is passing by quickly. The older that I get the more rushed I feel to accomplish the goals that I had set for myself. I find that I work harder and faster and I actually set new, almost unrealistic goals for myself. I go after them with a vigor and somewhat desperation that makes others shakes their heads. In my forties and having had a loved one pass away suddenly has made me question my own mortality. It has served as a reminder that we are seriously not promised another day. The knowledge that we are not promised another day will cause a person to re evaluate the importance of their time on earth.

It will also bring a sense of freedom. What others think of you and what others have said about you hold no importance. You become acutely aware of your own needs and wishes and the need to please others who do not appreciate you leaves. On the outset this may sound selfish but believe me it is not selfish it is healthy. The Lord calls us to serve others and to value others. In our search of self and acceptance we must not lose sight of that. However, we were given one life to live and balance is key. We must find the balance between loving ourselves and loving others. We must serve others and also serve ourselves.

Many people have walked through this life and not met their goals. They have forgotten who and what they wanted to be. It is important to ask ourselves who we could have been. Think back to the time when you were small and you knew exactly what and who you wanted to be. Remember how you felt when you imagined your life. My guess is that in that moment you felt invincible and free. You could see yourself being anything that you wanted to be. You knew without a shadow of a doubt that you would in fact accomplish your goals and be the doctor, the lawyer, the race car driver or the ballerina. Obstacles did not exist to you. Have you become the person that you set out to be? If not, why not? Do you still want to be those things and if so what have you allowed to stand in your way? The truth is that we can come up with excuses all day long as to why we did not become what we were meant to be. We can blame a lack of money, our parents or our upbringing. We can blame our childhood, our lack of education or the neighborhood that we were raised in. But guess what? We were in our parents home, in the neighborhood that we were raised in for 18 years. How old are you now and how many years have you been out of those surroundings? At point is it no longer everyone else’s fault?

It is time to have a Sunday come to meeting with ourselves. We can no longer blame the world for our lack, we must be accountable. We must also be willing to forgive ourselves and get moving!!! We must understand that regardless of upbringing, previous disappointments or lack of money, we can be anything in this world that we set out to be. To accomplish great things we must be willing to get the education that we need and work hard. We must practice, try and practice and try some more. We must be willing to fail and to learn from those failures. If we want to be great we must put the work in. We must spend time on our knees and be grateful for our everything that we have and will have in the future. We must give God the glory in all things and we must pray.

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