Watching others get away with stuff

To the waiting,

You have waited patiently for things to turn in your favor. You have prayed, hoped and wished and as time has passed you have become tired and weary. With each passing day you have begun to feel as though you have less of a grip on that rope. Anger has reared its head as you reflect on the injustice of the situation. You have watched as someone has gotten away with something and you cannot believe your eyes. Can I encourage you today? You are right. What was done to you was unfair and it was wrong. The person who has wronged you is actually not getting away with this. Sure, it may look like it right now but that victory is very temporary. The heavens will not sit for that wrongdoing long term. There will be consequence and justice will come from the Lord. Do not spend one more second wondering what will happen, how or when. Free yourself by forgiving them and by forgiving yourself. Free yourself by setting yourself free by never allowing that situation to make you unhappy again. You will be blessed in ways that cause the other victory to pale in comparison. The God that you serve restores, rebuilds and delivers. All will be well my friend.

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