When the door SLAMS

Have you ever had doors close in your life. Sometimes they close and sometimes they SLAM. You are left standing there with your mouth hanging wide open and you cannot even move. Have you been there? Not only that but things tend to go wrong on the same day at the same time. Why does this happen and what do we do?

The thing is that when He wants us to move, He wants us to move. We get hints all along the way and many times we brush them off as coincidences. Isn’t it funny how we pray and wish for things all the time and then we stand still. We see a new path, a new opportunity but we freeze up. We see an open door and we don’t walk through it. We start to question everything and then we miss it! We continue to stand there in our situation and wonder why the cavalry hasn’t arrived.

And then it happens! We begin to get uncomfortable in our situation. We start to squirm but we deal with it. We complain about how things have gotten worse and still we stand there. The next thing we know BOOOOOM the upper cut right to the face! We are angry, hurt and sometimes humiliated. Why? Because we refused to move!

We allowed our thoughts to get in our way. We did not walk out on faith and trust that things would be OK. We need to get out of our heads and we need to trust that He is working every little thing out for our good. We need to trust closed doors as well as open doors and we need to have the courage to walk through them.

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