Have you had to wait?

Have you ever wanted something so bad but you had to wait? Maybe it was a job, a promotion, a house, a partner or to move? Did you try everything to make it happen sooner and nothing worked? I have. Did you wait and wait and then it went to someone else?

When this happens it can be so frustrating and can even send some in to a depression. People can tend to feel defeated especially when they believe that they have done everything that they were supposed to do to make it happen!

The truth of it is that not everything that we want is earmarked for us. Not everything that we want in this life can we “believe in to our existence”

Why? There are several reasons but one is that it is not meant to be part of our journey. We can

want and wish for it all day long but if it isn’t going to lead us toward our destiny then we wont get it. If we keep on and keep on and God does see fit to let us have OUR way we may even find that it lead us down the wrong path.

You see it is really a protection for us. He knows what is best for us. He knows and sees our path before we do and He knows every small step that we need to take to reach our goals. He is always busy lining them up for us.

When we grab on to this truth the wait becomes beautiful and exciting because we always know that we are on the right path. We also know that when we meet the goal, the reward will be even better then what we had hoped for.

Here is the thing too. When something wonderful happens for somebody else while you are waiting, be happy for them. I don’t mean like “ oh yeah cool for you, I mean be genuinely happy as if it were happening to you and next time it just might!

I have seen this so many times, I have been waiting for one of my dreams come to pass and then all of the sudden a friend of mine will have it happen for them. I didn’t even know that they were going for that dream BUT there it is. I will be honest, 1 OK maybe 2 % of me was jealous but honestly nearly every other fiber in my being was over the moon stoked for them. See here is the thing, if we cant be happy when great things happen for others, how we can expect them to happen for us.

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