Are you the you that you were meant to be?

Be the You that you were meant to be

When you were little did you dream about being something? Like did you want to be a teacher, an astronaut, an actor? What was it? Did you become that or did you take a different path?

So often people say “ well, I would have been that but life got in the way”- there are many reasons why people did not become who they thought that they would be like:

Not enough Money

Did not have the right contacts

Got married

Had children

Health stuff happened

The dream changes

People got in my way or even.

You got in your own way.

The truth is that we can make excuses all day long as to why we didn’t do what we knew that we were supposed to do.

There has to come a point though when we own it, no matter what the excuses were. We have to decide that we still want it and that we are going to go after it.

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