Attitude of Gratitude

Start before your feet hit the floor. Be thankful that your eyes opened, that your heart was beating, for your sometimes dreaded alarm clock, for a job to go to and even for teeth to brush. Listen, it may sound funny but those little things that you have just may be huge to someone else.

When we begin to have a heart of thankfulness we begin to see our world change. Have you ever imagined losing everything that you have? I mean when you feel like you have nothing, imagine standing in your house and having someone come remove every single stick of furniture, every pot and every pan. Every piece of clothing, every item of jewelry, every food item, and your decorations. All of it…GONE. Now step outside your home because you don’t own that either.

Now go back in to that house and stand in the middle of the empty room. Watch as every items begins to come back in the house one by one. See your kitchen being put back together and your pantry being filled with food.

Walk in the bathroom and watch as your blow dyer, shampoo, soaps and lotions begin to fill the shelves.

Now are you thankful?

We often overlook how much we really have and worse yet we take it for granted. We are truly and richly blessed.

It is when we begin to be thankful for the tiniest little things in our lives that we realize how much we actually have.

Gratitude is the key that opens the door to a rich life, an abundant life and a life that other people are drawn to. Have you ever met someone who seems to have everything? It is like everything that they touch turns to gold. They are smiling all the time and nothing seems to get them down? I would bet you that they are a grateful person. You see, when we are grateful and thankful for everything God gives us more. Think about it this way, if you have given someone and they not only didn’t say thank you but acted like it was no big deal, did you say to yourself “ Well hey, I cant wait to give to that person again!!” No, I know you didn’t! In fact I bet that you walked away from that person feeling like not only were you sorry that you gave to them but that you would never do it again.

So then the opposite it true isn’t it?! The more grateful that we are the more it benefits us and those around us.

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