Who's fault is it anyway?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself who you are? I mean who you really are. Many times we become like our parents. Genetics plays a big part in that we know. We may laugh like a our parent or throw our head back in the same manner. But situations and experiences also play a part in that. Let me tell you this, you are who you run with.

But I am curious…if we are not who we want to be who shoulders that blame? How many of us have said, “ well my parents were mean. They did not support me or they abused or neglected me” That may very well be true (and believe me I know) buuuuut…how long ago was that?

The truth is that we living in our parents home for roughly 18 years right? So if you are 36, then you have lived that equivalent of time on your own. IF you are 54 years old that means that you have been away from your parents influence within the home for 36 years or 2/3 of your life.

So now the question is…whose fault is your current behavior and situation? You have had 2/3 of your life to change things. You can blame your parents all day long for being less than wonderful role models and you would be right but at what point are you also accountable?

Not only that but you endured their negative influence for 18 years and if you are still beating that same drum at 54 then you have wasted 36 years of time on something that only you can control.

So what do we do now? We make today that day that we become accountable. We make today that day that we forgive ourselves for allowing our past to define our present and we look forward to a bright future. What was said to you or done to you is over. It is a thing of the past. Today is the day where we begin again!

It is time to be free.

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