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Polenta and Veggie Breakfast

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Are you searching for a yummy breakfast that is packed with healthy stuff and can be finished in less than ten minutes? Great, search no more.

It seems like I am always in a hurry. Running a nonprofit, working for another nonprofit, catering, filming, writing and most importantly loving God and my family (that I am not in a hurry to do ;) )

I know that so many of you are the same way. There just doesn't seem to be time in our day. So that is why I love to cook quick and easy recipes like this one. Plus, bonus... I plan to save some of this to create a yummy sandwich later. Stay tuned. :)

This Polenta, veggie and Just Egg breakfast is super quick, and super good. Just Egg Cheese Shreds to be added to the Just Egg Sun Dried Tomato Infused Olive Oil to cook veggies Sliced mushrooms, yellow, red and green pepper Sliced Red Onion Herb Polenta, sliced to your desired thickness Himalayan Sea Salt Taste Black Pepper to taste

Method: Add Sun Dried Tomato Infused Olive Oil to the pan and Sautee veggies, remove veggies Add polenta and cook through, remove from pan Add Just egg and shred cheese (use dairy free if you wish)

Plate this and drizzle just a dash of Basil infused Olive Oil over the top. I put the polenta on the bottom, then the egg mixture and topped it with the veggies. You're right, there isn't a picture. Why? because I ate it too fast to get one Simple but yummy!


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