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Mediterranean Power Bowl

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

OK, maybe it is just me but as much as I love summer, I am pretty ready for fall. My newsfeed is beginning to tease me with clothing advertisements of women wearing their beautiful Fall scarves and boots, oh the boots!

I am seriously a fall boot girl. The women look so cute in these ads, they are all put together, their hair is fabulous and flowing ever so slightly in the breeze. In my mind (and only in my mind) I am going to soon be walking down the street with the gorgeous confidence, flipping my hair when in reality I just know that I am going to catch my reflection and be snapped back into the truth of looking like a lumberjack.

I say all of this say that my dreaming of Fall found me in the kitchen preparing a Mediterranean power bowl with chicken. OK, I think by now we have all learned that I have certain things in my fridge most of the time. Those items would be Mediterranean quinoa, chickpeas and sweet potatoes. Why? Because they are delicious, healthy and versatile. I recommend this. :P

For this recipe:

Chicken breast, cut into chunks

Roasted Red potatoes

Everything Bagel

Himalayan Sea salt

Chickpeas, rinsed

Sweet potatoes, cut into chunks

Brussels sprouts, cut in half

Balsamic Glaze


Quinoa, cooked (seriously just cook some and keep it in stock)


Pan grill chicken with salt and pepper, cook through (10 mins)

Roast brussels sprouts potatoes and sweet potatoes on 350 for about 30 mins

Arrange all items in the bowl however you wish. I added the Tahini at the end and it was SO yummy


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