Choose Joy, every time

Each day we are given a choice. We can either allow the day to have its way with us or we can choose to be filled with joy. It sounds easy I know but it isn’t. It actually takes great strength when this world continues to want to bat us around like a rag doll. It is however the right choice!

Have you ever noticed that once you allow yourself to fall in to the mindset that you are having a bad day, the day gets even worse? That is exactly what happens. So, it is crucial that we set our minds on staying in a place of joy. Now that is not to say that joy is the same as happiness. They are actually different. Happiness is a feeling that is brought on by external circumstances whereas joy comes from within.

Happiness is when you get that promotion, the new house, the new car or a great haircut. Joy comes from within you. It is the feeling that you have that says “I am at peace with who I am” Joy says “ I am good with me no matter what the world says or what it tries it to do me”

So how to become joyful?

  1. We begin with gratitude. We start and end every single day by being thankful. Be thankful for things large and small.

  2. Get rid of toxic people. That sounds rough but its true. We have to limit the time that we spend with people who try to bring us down. You have heard it said that not everybody is your friend, that is true.

  3. Limit the amount of time we spend on mindless activities. I am going to leave that one right there

  4. Surround yourself with people and things that challenge your thinking and promote self improvement.

  5. Embrace experiences even the negative ones. We tend to grow the most in a wilderness

  6. Fall madly in love with who you are and who created you. Not in a conceited way but in a humble and grateful way.

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