What do you want in this life?

What do you want this life to bring you? Have you asked what you are offering this life? Are you impacting people? Are you serving? Are you assisting the universe in making its people better?

We sit and want so much from the life and from God but are we also contributing to our own happiness and the happiness of others?

When you pray is it a list of things that you want from God or a list of things that you are grateful that you already have?

But what are we doing to bring abundance on in our lives? It takes more than just sitting there waiting for it to happen. We must be proactive in the receiving of blessings. We need to be accountable. prepared and most of all grateful.

This life is absolutely amazing and we can choose to live it well or choose to live it not well. See, there will be things (in many cases, a lot of things that go wrong) but how we respond is our choice. We can kick the dirt and become bitter because we believe that the rest of the world has it so much better than us or we can be thankful for our journey and the tools that we get to use along the way.

When we choose correctly and live with joy (different from happiness) then more great things are attracted to us.

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